Existing alliances, coalitions, and groups engaged with menstrual health and hygiene are invited to be members of the Collective.

Members must have a mutual interest in achieving the Purpose of the Collective and endorse human rights, particularly gender rights. Most members will represent an organization. Individual members will be considered, particularly if they can contribute to the Purpose at a global level. National or local level organisations located where existing coalitions or collaborative platforms are members of the Collective are expected to engage with the Collective through these rather than directly.

Our Collective is currently made of over 50 organizations. Contact us if your organization is interested in joining and supporting us to drive and guide improved investment in menstrual health and hygiene.

Who we are

Action Groups

The activities of the Collective are delivered by self-governing Action Groups. Action Groups may exist for a specific activity or be continuous.

See About the Collective for more information!

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GMC Action Group


Activities and events that the Collective will engage with will be announced here soon.

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Annual Review

Read our annual review to see what we have achieved in our first year.

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